notes from beirut

كيف أن تكون إمرة آسوية في لبنان

In Lebanon on January 13, 2010 at 7:38

A must-read piece by Hayeon Lee on how it is to be an Asian woman in Lebanon. Not easy at the moment, unfortunately, as you can tell from her story: prevailing stereotypes about Asian women being either housemaids or prostitutes inform many Lebanese’s attitudes, who not seldom manifests themself as sexual and racial harassment.

What’s encouraging about the article however, is the many comments at the bottom from Lebanese men (and others) feeling ashamed and angry from this behavior. I hope to see more pieces like this, as the whole issue of the treatment and attitudes towards Asian migrant workers is in dire need of serious discussion.

  1. mkt bra artikel och så otroligt riktig…kommentarerna var intressanta med särskilt den libanesiska tjejen som gav henne rådet att inte gå ut ensam efter 10 p.m. känns inte som hon riktigt förstått problemet.

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