notes from beirut

وين الثلج؟

In everyday life, Lebanon on January 13, 2010 at 7:38

Karim left Beirut early this morning, after having been here for five weeks or so. He’s heading back to Sweden and the cold and snowy winter I’ve seen lots of pictures about, but nevertheless feels very distant and surreal as Lebanon is experiencing a very mild winter.

Too mild according to some, especially the ones running the country’s ski resorts in Faraya, the Cedars and Laklouk. The lack of snow in these mountainous resorts is an economic disaster, as Lebanese as well as foreign visitors cancel or postpone their reservations.

Quite a different story in Scandinavia this year, I understand. As far as Beirut goes, it’s already empty without Karim. Woke up this morning and opened the cupboard only to not find his stuff in there.

Hopefully, he’ll start longing for the Levant in no time, and comes back to Beirut soon. Myself, I’ve got three weeks of non stop studying ahead of me now, as the end of the semester draws near and we have lots of work due the next couple of weeks. So, goodbye life, hello library.

Also, if you’re in Beirut today any of you, As’ad AbuKhalil, more known as the Angry Arab, is speaking tonight at seven o’clock about Palestine in the Lebanese context. Will be interesting for sure.

  1. Åh söta. Men vi är glada att vi får ta del av hans eminenta sällskap här i norr! :)

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